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LED Minifigures Display Case: Wall-Mounted Collectible Box with LED Light

LED Minifigures Display Case: Wall-Mounted Collectible Box with LED Light

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Illuminate and showcase your cherished minifigures with our LED Minifigures Display Case. This shadow box features built-in LED lighting, enhancing the display of your mini Funko Pop figures and other small collectibles. With dimensions of 15.1"H x 14"W x 4.3"D externally and 14.20"H x 13.2"W x 2.75"D internally, it offers ample space for your collection (minifigures not included). The distance between rows is 3.5 inches.

Crafted with an upgraded design and construction, this display case is detailed, attractive, and affordable, making it the perfect gift for collectors. It serves as a versatile organizer frame for action toys, vinyl figures, dolls, small rock stones, and more. The built-in LED light illuminates your cherished collections at night, making it a stunning wall-mounted furniture piece.

Protect your precious collectibles from dust and damage with this UV-protected display case. It's the preferred choice for collectors who want to preserve the integrity of their minifigures and memorabilia. With its wooden black finish, this decorative frame complements any home or office decor, adding charm to living rooms, workspaces, bedrooms, and game rooms alike.


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